Dropbox Backups are here! [Balsamiq Cloud] (2)

Hello friends! Another exciting day for Balsamiq Cloud. Dropbox backups are finally live and accessible from your Space settings! :tada: You can read more about it here in our documentation, or give it a spin yourse…

Current Release of Mockups 3 for Desktop: 3.5.16 [Mockups 3] (17)

Good morning, friends! I bet you didn’t expect to see this thread again. :slight_smile: It’s been a while since our last Mockups 3 update, and we are really excited about this one. Thanks to @tristan’s post we think we …

Raffles for UX Conferences Tickets: Don't Miss Out! [Uncategorized] (4)

Hi friends! Are you up for attending a nice event? We raffle tickets for UX/UI conferences around the world all the time! Every year we sponsor high-quality events around the world. Often the sponsorship packages give…

Welcome to the Balsamiq Community Forums! [Meta] (2)

Bug reports, feature requests, friendly chats...it's all here! For product information, visit balsamiq.com For documentation, FAQs or tutorials, visit support.balsamiq.com To contribute to these forums, you must l…

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