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+1 Feature request for nested symbols!

In a quick search, I noted requests going back to at least February 2015, and folks commenting about it in that and newer threads are added as votes to an internal tracker.

Please add my vote to this feature request!


Thanks for sharing your need today @EdwinLi_UXD, I’ve just added your vote for this one.

By the way, we are getting closer to implementing it, stay tuned! :slight_smile:


yes please, +1


yes please support nested symbols, +1

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Here’s a good ‘use case’ for why this is a great feature.

I want to mock up a site template. It contains an area for the header, and an area for a footer.
I save this as my “master page” symbol.

I then utilise this master page to create 3 nested ‘master pages’ - e.g., a single column layout, a 2 column layout (50% each) and a 2 column menu layout (20%/80% split).

When mocking up my site, I choose one of the 3 nested masterpages as the baseline symbol.
But if I need to make a structural change at the top level then I can simply make that change and it flows through.

It’s very similar to powerpoint’s master pages. At least 2 levels deep is an MVP.

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+1 for this feature, please!

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I’m also wanting this feature.

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