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3.0.2 Tools layout takes off precious screen real estate for mockups



Just downloaded the 3.0.2 version. There seems to be a lot of interesting new features, but I started feeling the pain just 2 minutes in th application.

The pain is mostly to do with the current design of the appliction layout.

  1. Earlier, if I had opened up several mock-up files, they used to appear as tabs in the bottom bar. It was easy to navigate between them. Now they appear as a bulky widget on the left side.

  2. Control properties appeared as floating wigets, which occupied less space than the current ‘Inspector’ widget on the right. And most used knobs such as font size are somewhere down at the bottom of this right pane.

So the space available for my actual mock-up is now reduced. The old look and feel was very conducive. Feeling a little cramped in the new design.


Hi @Shankar_Bharathan
My suggestion is to hide the left-side panel (CTRL+J). When you do that, you’ll still be able to navigate around with the toolbar buttons that will appear. More info here: