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3.0.3.: can't revert changed text in a symbol via the "x" icon


Small bug I found: I’m using a symbol with embedded labels. I changed the text of a label in a symbol “instance” on one of the mockups. Now I’d like to revert to the “orgiginal” text that’s specified in the symbol. There’s a small green “x” icon to do just that but it doesn’t work for resetting the text (nothing happens when clicking on the x).

Just a small annoyance, I’m sure you want to quash it.



Hi Eric

Thank you for your report.

Can you please tell me which control you used in the symbol?

I know that the browser is one of the controls that support displaying text but it does not have an “Text inspector”. This causes that you cannot revert only the overridden text. In this case the only option is tor revert all overridden properties at once.
I am eager to know your steps because in my test the the approach I mentioned above it worked.

The lack of the text inspector for controls that support text is on our list.


Hi Eric,

little heads up I managed to reproduce the bug.
We get it fixed!


Very nice, thank you! Sorry for not answering your question earlier - the control I was using was a simple text label.


Hello Eric!

We fixed the issue in 3.0.4. Among other things.
Here are the complete release notes:

As usual you can get the new version here: