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3.0 installation hick-ups for old 2.2 users



I just install version 3.0 on a Windows 7 machine, that never had balsamiq installed before. Haven not read the 3.0 introduction blog post, I simply installed and clicked on a .bmml file in my project.
First gotcha, balsamiq is not set up to open .bmml files. Right click -> properties -> find balsamiq.exe etc. Then double click said .bmml file and booom.
Second gotcha, balsamiq throws an error (6023: Error #3138) when trying to open (as oppose to importing) a .bmml file. Hmm… what now?
Gotcha three, when balsamiq crashes, it does not terminate. Before I could do anything I had to Start Task Manager, locate balsamiq and kill the process. I was then able to open balsamiq again and import my .bmml files.

I think that balsamiq should import the .bmml file(s) into the current project. In my situation that would be “New Balsamiq Project 1”, as I had not created any projects yet. If possible, a crash should terminate the application, so it is possible to reopen/restart balsamiq, without knowing how to kill a process.

Cheers, Jon.

PS. (6023: Error #3138)


Triple boom!

Alright, the fact that B3 opens bmml files is a bug, which might be the first bug we fix after releasing! You win @dotnetCarpenter !

I don’t want B3 to import bmmls when clicked, because I want people to be able to run 2.2 and 3.0 side by side for as long as they want.

The third error is something we knew about but didn’t expect to have to fix so soon. The workaround is this:

  • quit the app
  • open this folder in Windows Explorer: On Windows 7: C:\Documents and Settings<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\BalsamiqMockupsForDesktop.EDE15CF69E11F7F7D45B5430C7D37CC6C3545E3C.1\Local Store
  • delete the MockupsSettings.db file
  • relaunch the app

We’ll get the bugs fixed asap, but in the meantime, this should get you going again. Let me know how it goes and thanks for the detailed bug report!


Hello again, I just released 3.0.2 on which no longer crashes when you try to open a bmml with it. If you want to import a bmml, just drag it on Balsamiq Mockups 3 instead. Here’s more documentation on importing old files:

I also suggest you make sure bmml files get opened with Mockups 2.2 instead, I’m not sure why Windows is associating them with Mockups 3 (there’s no code in the new app to do so, I swear! It’s a mistery…)

Thanks again for the bug report, it gave me a chance to test the hotfix procedure for v.3! :wink:


There, there. It is not a bug at all.

First gotcha, balsamiq is not set up to open .bmml files. Right click -> properties -> find balsamiq.exe etc.

I told Windows to open .bmml files in balsamiq 3. I don’t have version 2.2 installed on this machine and I did not know about the new file format, when I changed the file association setting.

But hey, you created a patch and released a new version within an hour on a Saturday!
I would say that you win @peldi!

I did not mean this to be a bug report per say, but just my user experience as an old 2.2 user upgrading to version 3.0. Since I’m a developer, my first take would also be to fix bugs wherever I see them but this bug report is probably more useful as story to change some dialog text or preparing 2.2 users (who do not read the blog first) to use 3.0.


In my humble opinion, it is much easier to Start Task Manager (ctrl + alt + del), find Balsamiq Mockups 3.exe and click on the End Process button.


Phew! Mistery solved! I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how that had happened…but you know what, I also got another report exactly like yours! You Windows users are crafty! :wink: