A few ideas for improving Balsamiq Mockups

  1. Add the ability to disable resizing groups (separately for width and height). This allows you to use the Symbols as components, rather than as a source of groups, which then need to place manually. Now very ugly stretched images, changing their proportions within groups and components.
  2. Correct the error of resizing groups, if in group has icons on the right. This will allow step 1 to function normally. The icons are now functional analogs groups of what you need to do in step 1.
  3. If the properties of automatic alignment of the elements of the group are added, it will be very good. (Left,Right… etc)
  4. It would be good, to make it possible to take out the individual properties of the elements of the group, into the properties of this group or symbol.


Hi @v7997,

Thanks for the post and for the feedback which is always very much appreciated.

On points #1 and #2, I’m not 100% sure I understand exactly what you are describing? Would it be too much to ask to ask you to put together a quick mockup with annotations which expands on the issue? If so, I’d be happy to just on a screen-share/call to discuss so that I can understand the issue correctly and feed it back to the team.

#3 makes perfect sense. I have added this to our feature request tracking.

#4 Just so I understand, you mean allow the group to inherit the properties of elements in the group? If so, how would we handle property conflicts (where two elements have the same property but with different values for that property)?

Thanks again!


Illustration of this idea and other topics of the post in the project file. NewProject.bmpr (80 KB)


Hi @v7997,

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together - I understand now.

Let me discuss this with the team and get back to you, ok?


Hi @alasdair
It would still be good, apart from groups, to introduce restrictions on resizing and on primitives.

Eg. Now, when reducing the size of the group, the Label-primitive is also reduced and the characters on the right disappear. We have to adjust everything manually. If there are a lot of Labels, it turns into a significant inconvenience.