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A question about Heads up display


I want to use my heads up display but I can’t find how can I access to that. Does anybody have any idea?


Hi @Behi_Abdi and welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

Not sure about this one but we’d love to help if we can. I’d like to hear more about setup first:

  • Which type of heads-up display are you using?
  • Is it the only monitor you want to use there?
  • How do you plan to use Balsamiq Mockups with it?

I’ll stand by for your reply and we’ll go from there. Thanks for reaching out!


Thanks for your response, Virgin.
I’m learning how to use Balsamiq. I see from Balsamiq tutorial that when you click for example “browser”, a heads-up display will appear with most popular shortcut features on it such as Editing, Layering, Auto-size, Color, Link and text. But It does not appear in the same way. I wish I could show a screen shot of that heads-up display here but It seems like it is not possible!


Hi @Behi_Abdi,

Are you referring to the Property Inspector, as shown below:

You can show and hide the Property Inspector by clicking the toggle icon above it if needed.

I’d love to help more with this! If you’d like, please send us a mail via and we can set up a call or even video call. I think this might be the easiest way to discuss it further.


Thank you very much. I will contact with support team!


I think I understand the question. Some videos show an older version of Balsamiq Mockups. With version 3 the ‘popup inspector’ was replaced with the one docked to the right side of the screen - it is no longer available.


Yes. I think I have watched the tutorials (through of the last version of Balsamiq, but I have downloaded the current version of program!