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A way to prevent selection of invisible/covered elements?


When e.g. having an overlay atop a “parent” screen and the overlay needs to be moved, I select the overlay contents and move it. If any unlocked elements of the “parent” screen (with a lower “z-index” than the overlay) is encompassed in the selection, those are unintendedly moved as well.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or other means that prevents selection of invisible elements covered by other elements (other than locking “parent” elements before overlay is even added)?

I realize, that from a technical perspective it might be difficult to determine whether an element is visible for the user, but from a UX perspective such a feature makes perfect sense.


Hi Andreas,

I cope with it by grouping both the parent, and overlay. So you select these with just a click. No selecting with click-n-drag needed, see the GIF.



Hi Andreas,

I was going to suggest clicking on each control to select it instead of dragging a rectangle in this case (you can use SHIFT+ CLICK on a control to add it to the selection) and you can indeed combine it with @Alexey_Kolchenko’s suggestion to save a few keystrokes.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile: