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Ability to export PNG at 2x retina size

Is it possible to have a wireframe export to PNG at 2x resolution?
All the exported wireframes in PNG currently looks blurry on a Mac device.


Hey @satpalsharma.

There isn’t a way to do this yet, but it’s something that is on our roadmap. We thought we may have been able to squeeze it into this quarter, but it looks like it will have to be later this year (:crossed_fingers:).

In the interim, if you export a PDF of your projects, the images there are high resolution, and you can pull them out of the PDF with drag & drop.

Sorry that I don’t have a better solution for you right now,

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Just purchased the upgrade and I strongly second the request to export a PNG at a higher resolution…72dpi just doesn’t cut it.

Tried the drag and drop from PDF and could not get it to ‘grab’.
I could export the image as a 200DPI PNG but it lost quality and became jagged looking.

Agreed, @Design_SeventyOne. We actually just had a meeting about this this morning.

While we won’t finalize it until next week, higher resolution image exports (be it PNG, JPG, or SVG) are on the Q3 roadmap.

I’m sorry it wasn’t ready for you yet, but it is coming!