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Ability to quickly add icons to data grids + live preview


Hi all

I’m interested in discussing the best ways of adding icons to data grids. At present one has to insert, resize, duplicate and align for each row, which can be time consuming. Grouping when done helps with later alterations.

What if there was a way to type the icon name similar to how you can type for a checkbox… for example to add an icon for editing that row, type : pencil: and it will appear in that row/column at the perfect size and position. Or type something like :pencil-xs: to override size.

To make things easier (even without the above functionality), it would be awesome to display a live preview data grid above/below the text editor.


Hi @Ryan,

Thanks for joining the discussion about that one. I’m adding your vote and suggestions right now so we can discuss it more with the team.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your ideas with us today and also for helping others, we truly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else, we’re here and happy to help!