Ability to select an item deeply nested within a group with a single click + navigate out of all groups

I spend a lot of time navigating into groups in order to reach the specific component I need to modify. (E.g. the text in a label.)

Once modified I then need to navigate back out of the groups to the top level.

If I have multiple elements to change in separate groups it can result in a lot of navigation.

  1. Is it possible to introduce a modifier key/keys when clicking that would immediately let me edit any visible element irrespective of whether it is deeply nested in a group?
  2. Is it possible to introduce a new keyboard shortcut to navigate out of all groups to the “home”?

This would reduce my navigation to clicking on a deeply nested item, editing it, and finally returning to home with a single keyboard click.

This would really enhance my navigation within a file that contains groups. :slight_smile:

Hi @paulshoughton

I totally see what you are saying. We don’t have either feature right now but I will write this up to discuss with the team. Thank you.