Able to freeze Mockups Navigator?

Hi! I’m doing a lot of flipping back and forth between individual mockup screens on a current project. An occasional random mouse click and I’ve resized the Mockups Navigator bar. Resizing it is simple, of course - but the resize action usually affects the horizontal position of all the other mockups. So as I resize the left navbar after a mistake, every time I swap to other mockups in that project I need to scroll them back to X=0.

I’ve found no info on this by searching and hope it’s a program option I’m missing (to disable resizing of the Mockups Navigator bar) or could otherwise be a useful feature request to avoid a cascading annoyance.

Hi @lundjames,

Sorry for the hassle with this behavior. While there is no option to prevent this in the current version, we are improving it in the next major version that we are preparing for the Desktop app. Resizing the Navigator panel there won’t require you to resize the other wireframes.

Thanks for the report!

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