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About linking two shapes


Hi, Is there a way to link two mockups, but without manually do the dragging, such as in powerpoint, using lines to link points of a shape to link them together
But in balsamiq cloud, I only find arrow to mannually do the dragging and linking which is less efficent


Hi @Fang

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

My feeling is that we’re getting to the edge of our product as a wireframing tool and moving into drawing/orgchart/etc. territory. We’re very much focused on UI wireframing so options for drawing things like org-charts or flow-charts are a little more limited.

It is certainly possible to do it, using controls like ‘Rectangle’, ‘Text’ or ‘Label’ and then joining them with the ‘Arrow’ control but, as you’re finding, that is pretty much the full extent of support for those types of diagrams.

That said, we have a resource for user-contributed controls:

You may find that one or more of the libraries there meet your requirements better? e.g. Flow Charts

Do you think that might work for you?

If so, there’s some additional help here on using those controls in your projects: Wireframes to Go - a Collection of Ready-to-Use UI Controls

All the best,



Hi, thanks, that helps:)