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Is there a way to have the mockups in a folder on Google drive.
Right now it looks like they are all at the root level and I want them in sub-folders.
Is there a way I can do this?


I think I found the answer. I need to do this form Google Drive and I can’t change the location when I save as in Balsamiq.

Can I change the folder when I am doing a save as?


HI Peldi! It’s my first few days using Balsamiq…I started the 30-day trial, then after about a week I upgraded to a personal plan. I’m liking it more and more as I’m getting over the learning curve.
But I need your help…I created a new mockup that I want to share with 3 others. I see how to save it as an image on my computer (which I guess I can then email them or upload to Google Drive?). But I want to allow them to view and suggest edits on my mockup

I did send them email invites and made them project members …

So I guess it’s two/three questions:

  1. Can they make edits/revisions if I emailed it to them?
  2. One of them asked me to upload it to Google Drive. I can’t seem to find a way to upload my mock up to Google Drive… can you send the simple steps for something I already created in Balsamiq?
  3. Do I need to download and pay more for the Balsamiq Mockups for Google Drive ? …and is it better then to make new mock ups /projects THERE through GD or make them in Balsamiq first and upload them?
    Thank you! =) Kristin