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Hi, I love the features added to Mockups 3. We are currently using the plugin for Confluence. Any news on ETA for that release?


No ETA yet, but it’s in active development. The new version uses the Atlassian Connect plugin architecture, so, for now at least, it will only be available to Atlassian Cloud customers.


As a big fan of Balsamiq and a customer hosting Confluence on our own server, I will cross my fingers and be patient then. I assume we are not the only customer hosting ourselves.


+1 on seeing Mockups 3 for hosted versions of Confluence sooner than later.


Is there any update on this? I have loads of mockups done in V3 but now I want to move them into Confluence… however, Mockups 2 for Confluence only wants to import XML whereas Confluence 3 for desktop exports JSON… any help?


I would also like an update on this. Being an active Balsamiq user switching between Mockups for desktop and Confluence on our own server, I feel a frustration and lack a commitment from your side, if version 3 will ever be available. On the Atlassian marketplace, it is not mentioned anything about Mockups versions at all, and the only documentation I have found is how to export from version 3 to 2, which is not really a way of working, considering the new icon set and other features in version 3.

Please, give us an ETA!


No ETA yet, but it’s in active development.

It’s been nearly a year since this comment, is there any update on the availability of Balsamiq 3 for Confluence server?

I’m looking into buying this plugin, but the workaround to import existing Balsamiq 3 mockups is unrealistic.


Hi @nehpets, we released Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud a couple of months ago:

We are now starting the work to bring it to Confluence Server, which should take a few months. Sorry if it’s taking a while, but it’s not an easy task, and we’re a small team.


I feel we are past due another update on the status of Mockups 3 for Confluence Server. It has been a few months since the last update, and there are no longer mentions of it as part of more recent releases. On June 9 it was “We’re working on bringing version 3 to Confluence Server customers as well, but we don’t have an ETA for it at this point.” Our team bought into Mockups over a year and a half ago under the assumption Balsamiq was working to keep their products on the same level. I never would committed our group to this product had I known Confluence Server support would be so far behind.


Dear @peldi, I would appreciate an update, instead of this radio silence. If it is far away from release, or has been down prioritized and will not likely be seeing a release the coming year, please be honest with us. As customers of Balsamiq for Confluence server, we deserve a better answer.


I agree with the other impatient (or indeed very patient) persons above. Can we please get an ETA?


It’s now May 2017. Is there an update to the release date for Confluence Server? This is a deal breaker at this point for us.