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Accordion as symbol changes selected item if new entries inserted


This behaviour is also referenced here (Symbol issues and enhancements), but I can’t see any resolution.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create accordion menu of different mockups in project
  2. Turn into a symbol
  3. Insert the symbol across all your mockups
  4. Set the selected item to the relevant page on each mockup by overriding the symbol settings
  5. Insert a new mockup part way through the order
  6. Add that to the accordion menu in the appropriate place in the order

Expected result :grinning:
All existing pages retain their selected setting

Actual result :sob::angry::weary:
All mockups following the inserted page/menu item have now offset their selected item by the number of menu items inserted and have to be re-set


I can’t confirm that with Mockups 3.5.15 / Win10. Expected result = actual result.


Thanks for the report, @mp_np.

That’s a tricky one but we’ll discuss a way to improve it with the team.

We’ll be here to help if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


@heringsfilet - same install as you and I just confirmed it again.


I can indeed confirm the behavior here too. I’m wondering if @heringsfilet added an item after the other ones maybe?

Anyways, we’ll do our best to improve this!


Thanks - been using Balsamiq for several years, and this is the first bug (or undesirable behaviour) that I have found.