Active alternate not preserved in file


I just had my PC rebuilt, and opened up my current project. I have multiple alternates in a lot of the mockups, with the current design direction being reflected in the active alternate choices I’ve made.

When I opened the project on the new system, I found that all the mockups are reset to show the official version, not the alternate I had previously selected. It’s going to take me time to go through and ensure that each one is showing the correct content.

It would be great if the current active alternate was saved to the project file


Hi again @Chris_Gatland and thanks for sharing your input on this.

You’re right, the “mockup focus” is saved in the MockupsSettings.db file and not the BMPR file, which means that opening the project on another machine requires you to select the desired alternate mockups again.

While we don’t plan to change this behavior because it would mess up the collaboration features that we are preparing for the future, here are two quick ways to make this easier:

  1. Promote your alternates along the way to always keep your current design direction on focus.

  2. Use an easy convention name for a group of alternates, so you can switch a whole group at once from the Navigator panel.

Hope this helps!


I probably would promote as I go, if the alternate name wasn’t lost in the process. I name alternates descriptively to help remember the design rationale behind each one. If I promote it, the name just changes to “Official version” and I lose that bit of information.

I’d prefer it if the Official status was simply a property which could be applied to any alternate in the mockup, without needing to mess with the names or create new duplicates (creating another copy called “former official version blah blah” seems very messy to me)


Just had another thought that might be worth sharing. :slight_smile:

Did we mention the hierarchy feature that we recently implemented?
This could be an easy way for you to have different “folders” of mockups in the same project (e.g. Official, Alternate…).


Yep, I’ve been using the hierarchy feature since it was introduced. I’d be lost without it now, but the alternate issue is really a per-mockup thing for me.


Makes sense @Chris_Gatland, thanks for sharing the details. I’ll talk to the team about making the “Promote to Official” process easier.

Anything else, we’re here!


Just a thought: you could put the design rationale in the mockup notes…

But I agree it would be nice if a version wouldn’t lose its name on being promoted to or demoted from being the official version.