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Active and In-active Wireframes

It would be really helpful to be able to mark a wireframe/alternate as inactive.

Inactive wireframes/alternates would:

  • Not be exported to PDF or PNG.
  • Show in the wireframe panel but be low-lighted and still accessible.
  • Not show in full screen presentation mode.


Producing wireframes results in lots of ideas, the best of which end up being used as the basis for development.

Bad wireframes can be moved into the trash and later destroyed.

Some wireframes need to be kept around since they contain good ideas but they aren’t the current preferred options.

It is for this last category of wireframes that marking as inactive/active would be really helpful.

At present I use Export PDF and select the subset of wireframes that represent what we want to do. But there is no good way to do this when doing a full screen presentation.

Also, this list of wireframes for Export PDF is lost when shared with other colleagues or moved into a different folder.

Having an indication of active/inactive wireframes/alternates would be a huge benefit.

(Especially when managing hundreds of wireframes per project.)

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This is an interesting idea, Paul. I’ll write it up.

I don’t know how you’re solving for this now, but one idea would be to create an Inactive Wireframes parent wireframe and then use hierarchy to hide the inactive wireframes underneath it. Then, when exporting to PDF, you can de-select the inactive wireframes.

Not sure if that’s helpful, but maybe it will work for now?


I store my projects in a folder structure that simplifies to “Product / Version”. When a feature needs to move from one planned version to a later planned I move it in this folder structure.

Moving a Balsamiq Project forgets the items chosen for PDF export.

They also don’t persist if I send a colleague the file.

Ahh I see, Paul.

And that makes sense - those preferences are stored app-side, and are pretty strict when it comes to the location of the file. That’s why it forgets your preferences when moving it (or sending it to a colleague).

I’ll talk to the dev team on Monday about this. If other folks would find this useful, please let us know! You can reply, or simply like this reply. :slight_smile:

@Brendan I support Paul’s idea.

I keep my wireframes in a very logical order within a file, basically following the business process/screen clicks. I wouldn’t want to move them or parent them to a different spot, just to keep them out of the way of my “active” wireframes.

Maybe there’s a toggle to show/hide inactive ones as you are working to keep things clean.

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I put my inactive wirefames into Alternate versions, and I believe those get skipped in presentation mode and you can easily deselect them in PDF export by selecting only official versions.

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