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Add a copyright label to the background


Is there any way to add a copyright message to the background of each page?
I could not see this feature in the app, so I have created a proper transparent image. Then I added this image to the top of the wireframes. It appears properly, but the links stop working because the image cowers the components :frowning:

What is the recommended way to add a copyright label to the mocks?

Hey @zappee,

I think you’re most of the way there, but the image either needs to be smaller (so it doesn’t cover any of the links) or (if possible), it should be sent to the back and then put in a corner of the wireframe where there is no content. That way, nothing would be covering it.


Let us know if that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response.
Unfortunately to send the copyright image to back will not help, because in this case the front components cover some part of the copyright image.

I would like to have something like this, or like this

Hi there @zappee,

It’s hard to avoid the overlay issue because we don’t support the idea of a transparent control which allows clicks through to a different control underneath.

Perhaps you could use Brendan’s second idea of placing the copyright control away from the other controls but in such a way that it is still visible and sends a clear message. Something like this?


I based that on the “Progress Labels” Symbols at

Thanks. It can work.
I have found an alternative solution here: How can I apply a watermark on every page of a PDF file? - Super User. pdftk can do magic :blush: