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Add an image by copy/paste from "Windows Photo Viewer"



on a standard computer with just some office tools like Word/Power Point it’s nice to use the copy/paste-function for images.

I often open and click throug images with Windows Photo Viewer. Than I click Strg+C for “copy” and Strg+V for “paste”. And after that I have the image in my office document.

Is there a way to have this in B2 and B3 too?

Copy/Paste of an image from Web or from Windows-Paint in B2/B3 is working great!
But not with images from Windows Photo Viewer.



Thanks for letting us know about this! It sounds like it is an issue with Windows Photo Viewer not copying to the clipboard in the same way. If it’s working properly from the Web or Paint, I don’t know if there is much we can do. I’ll get someone to take a look though. Thanks again!


Hi @mhohlfeld

I did some tests with the Windows Photo Viewer. The cause that the paste does not work is that the Windows Photo Viewer’s copy command leaves out the Bitmap data for the image. You cannot paste your copied photo in e.g. paint and Balsamiq Mockups because the apps need the bitmap information.