Add Color to text


I’m trying to change the text color in a text block. I used this code:
{color:#ff0000}user{color} but it gave me the same as this:

Is there any other way to do it?
Thank you

Hi @Mufida123

Thanks for the post.

I just tried this using a Text control and it’s working as expected (see attached video color.mp4)

So let’s try to work out whey it’s not working for you.

Can you tell me the specific control you’re using? e.g. Text, Text Area or is the issue occurring when using any text-based control.

It may be easier for us to just take a look directly at your wireframe in this case. Would that be ok? If so, just let us know the name of the project and the name of the wireframe which contains the control in question and we’ll dig in to this.

Thank you, it’s working now

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