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Add "escape" code to Tree Pane default text


I always forget how to escape the F character in the Tree Pane control, and it’s actually not easy to find on the website. Would be great to add it to the default text for the Tree Pane so I can just add a new temp one quickly to see what it is.


Thanks for bringing that up, sometimes it trips me up as well.

Since I use regular expressions and markdown syntax, their general rule to escape characters is to place a \ before the character
I actually did a simple Google Search and found this gem that explains escaping

Escaping common characters

Apparently in Balsamiq, the escape character is "_"
Good to know.


The character to escape the F is “_”

_ File

This will render just “File”. The _ is already in the default example.


Thanks. _ is in the default text, but it’s not clear that _F escapes the F character (or _v for v). I look right past it because I’m thinking “how do I show an F instead of a folder?” not “how do I leave a space for my own icon?”

f Use f for closed folders
F Use F for open folders
[+] You may also use this
[-] and this
[x] or this
[ ] and this

or even this
v and this

  • Use - for a file icon
    _ or _ to leave a space for your own icon
    F use spaces or dots for hierarchy
    v just like
    …- this


I agree with @VinceSmith and think there should be a piece that says “underscore to escape characters”


I add a request to extend the default text to make this clearer.


Hi there,

for me that was also not so clear, i’ve tried the backslash, which usually helps everywhere, and it didn’t help. Was a bit frustraiting. I could not guess that “leave a space for your own icon” could let me use a word starting with “F”.


I was just about to add a topic on exactly the same.

While having dynamic parts is certainly what makes Balsamiq so powerful, it’s really annoying that LETTERS are chosen to create mockup, so that I have to remember to escape “F”, “f” and “v”.
Why not at least make it consistent and have

[F]Folder that is open

instead of

FFolder that is open.

Would make it clear that [ ] means “special action” - icon etc.