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Add random values generator


I have an idea of feature which would be very interresting: the possibility to generate random values in text fields.

For instance, I could type {Name} and it would generate the name of a person, {surname}, {date}…

I could also generate random numbers like with {0…500}.

The goal would be that when creating a symbol which is replicated in a list, the values change for each instance of this symbol.

What do you think about this idea ?


Hey @MerlinDuChaos!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this. This is definitely something we have discussed in the past.

I think, initially, we wondered if it was out of the scope of what we wanted to do with Mockups, but maybe it’s time to revisit it. Mockups has evolved since then, so maybe this fits now? We will talk about it :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to send us other ideas, and thanks again for taking the time to send this one our way!


Thanks for the quick answer @Brendan !
I hope to see this feature in a future version of your amazing tool !


Hey @Brendan,
I look at this being similar to the Lorem ipsum text generator, but specific for certain types of data (names, numbers, etc.). I know I get stuck sometimes when having to make up different names and have used the random name generator at to help out. Having a similar feature built-in would be very useful.


Running into a big need for this today, as I’ve got 21 fields on-screen that are all 2-3 digit numbers. Something like {random 80:300} which would then output random numbers between 80 and 300 (inclusive).

Even better: support text
It’d also be easy and helpful to have it work with text, so you could put {random John,Bob,Sam,Sue,Hai,Georg} in a label. Then you could make that label a symbol, and have an easy way to randomly select first names, last names, etc.

Better still
If possible, I’d take that even further and creating Random functionality similar to Markdown reference-style links. So you could have a table like this:
First Name, Last Name, Score {random fname},{random lname},{random 1:10} {random fname},{random lname},{random 1:10} {random fname},{random lname},{random 1:10} {random fname John,Bob,Sam,Sue,Hai,Georg} {random lname Smith,Nguyen,Kim}

Which would then be translated into values:
First Name, Last Name, Score Bob, Kim, 1 Hai, Smith, 10 Sam, Nguyen, 7

And be rendered like this:


Hi @gregschwartz,

I’ve added your vote to help to prioritize the request for randomly generated numbers and text. It might be time to revisit this idea!

Thanks for taking the time to detail your need!