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Adding a new icon to my project



On a trial version of myBalsamiq at the moment. I like the tool.and looking to adopt - doing a demo to my boss later today fo fingers crossed.

I’d like to add in some new icon to use. I’ve imported the icon as a project assett, but when I add an empty icon to a canvas and browse to select I cannot see it in the list of project assets.

What am I doing wrong? Can you help?




Hey Damian,

I have a question:
Did you use an actual icon, means a .ico file, or did you use a .png file, you wanted to set up as an icon?

If you want to add new graphics, as icons, to the icon library, you can do that if you take a .png file and name it
icon_whatever.png. Just drag it into balsamiq and it will appear.

If you want to find your old icon file, try the top left corner, and check out the asset library. Might be there



Thanks for the quick reply. It was a .png file.

If I drag it from file explorer into balsamiq it doesn’t appear. The browser just opens the icon file instead. Can you be a little more epxlicit about ‘just drag it’. (I’m probably being a thick today!)



sure. If it is not too explicit, could you upload the file or another .png you have the problem with?

Usually, if you drag an image, no matter what, into balsamiq and drop it on the canvas, you get an image object.

You say the browser just opens the icon file. What Browser? &
Where are you dragging it? :wink:



Tried Chrome and IE and same happens in both.


The dragging still doesn’t work.

I managed to import it as a project assets yesterday and it appears in project assets tab, but I cannot see it listed as an icon when I tried try to select it.


Hi @damobristol,

Sorry for the hassle with this.

The method @ArcticMe is correct but he is using Mockups 3 for desktop and you are using myBalsamiq, our web version. :wink:

The only difference will be the way you use to upload your asset. Naming your file “icon_nameexample.png” will indeed recognize it as an icon file. You will only need to upload it from the assets manager as detailed here:

Once that is done, you can go back in the editor and look for the project assets into the icon library.

Please let me know if you need any further indications for this, we’re here and always happy to help!


Ahhhhhh, I see what you mean :bulb:



I’ve renamed it and uploaded it as a project asset.

I cannot see it under the Project assets tab.

BUT, I can now see it as an icon to select!!! Hurrah!!


Thanks for your help.