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Adding Bullet Points in Tables / Data Grids


Hello! :slight_smile:
Does anyone know if it is possible to add a List in a table cell?
If yes, then how does it work? Is it only possible to add blank spaces and overlay the cell with a Label?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Stella_Berger,

Thanks for reaching out about this today and welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

Overlaying the Data Grid control with a Text control is indeed the best way to achieve this for now, as shown below.

That being said, I’m adding your request in our internal tracker and we’ll discuss it further with the team.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’ll be here to help!


@Virgin Thank you so much for the quick response. :slight_smile:


Stella_Berger …

If I need to add a data grid to a mock-up, 95% of the time, I create the grid in Excel then copy/paste a screen print into Balsamiq. I find this easier than trying to manipulate the Balsamiq data grid.