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Adding comments to wireframe


Hi there,

How do I add comments to my wireframe? I don’t mean a big sticky note inside the wireframe itself but just a little number. Then when clicking that number, the comment would appear. Or maybe just have a list of the numbers and the comments on the side.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @DragonXD and thanks for reaching out today!

In the current version, you may want to try using the Callout control and adding your comments in the Notes panel on the right.

Just so you know, this will be much easier in the next major version (native!) that we are preparing. More details here.

Any questions, we’re here! :slight_smile:


Cool! I will add notes using the method you described.

When will the new version be released? And will I loose my notes or anything?


Our new web version is already in private beta and our new plugin for Google Drive is already live. We hope to have the new Desktop versions (macOS and Windows) ready in 2018. :crossed_fingers:

No worries about your notes, the new version uses the same file format (BMPR).



I just tried the callout function. When you click the callout with the number 1, nothing happens. You actually have to click anywhere else BUT the callout to view the note on the sidebar. Is this really how its supposed to work? To me it does not seem very logical.


Sorry @DragonXD, had a bit of a brain misfire there. I thought you were already using our new web version, not desktop.

Yes, the way you are seeing it is correct. Because the callout isn’t actually tied to the mockup note (as it is in the new version) you have to have everything de-selected. This is one of the many things that will be better with the new app.


Alright, well then I guess I would like to try out the web version if possible? Do you have a direct link to access this version? I think I read in the link before that it was available in beta.


If you shoot me an email, I can get you set up, my friend!


Thank you, Brendan! Email sent :slight_smile:


So, I’m using the new Balsamiq Wireframes on the web now. How can I tie a note to the callout? Is it even still the callout I should use in this new version or did you design some new feature for this?


We still have the callout control if you want to use that, but we also built the feature into the comments. If you create a callout from there, it will tie it to a comment.


When you export as PDF, is it then possible to include these comments so a web developer can see them?


Not for now but I’m adding your vote for this feature request @DragonXD. Thanks for sharing your need!

Don’t hesitate to reach out via email if you have any questions about the new version.