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Adding Down Arrow Icon in Fly Out Menu Bar


I need to show which navigation items have something below them, preferably by using a down arrow icon. I see no way to change the spacing in the menu items and no way to insert the icon into the menu.
I’m not very experienced with Balsamiq and would appreciate any help.
Either of these would help:

  • force spacing in the menu bar so that I can layer the icon on top
  • insert the icon into the menu string


Menu Bars - Sub menu items

Hi Kayla, thanks for your question. There are a couple things that come to mind that you could do. One of the simplest would be to add some extra spaces at the end of one of your menu bar items in order to have the space for the icon.

The other thing you could do is to build your own menu bar using Button controls. In the Button control, there is a property you can set in the inspector to show a menu icon, so that might work for you.

Hopefully that helps a bit. Good luck!