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Adding icons inside a grid


I’m using Balsamiq 2.1.9. How do I add icons such as edit(pen) or delete(trashcan) to a grid/table? I understand how to build a grid, and how to find an icon, but I don’t see how to get the icon into the grid.

I’m trying to format a list of reports that the user can edit or delete


I saw a sample similar to what I want, but don’t see how to do it:


Hi, Ann. You would create empty space in the datagrid/table for the icon and overlay the icon on that space.


thank you, I will try that.


Just a thought. Like how Confluence supports some basic icons through keyboard shortcuts, it might be useful for Balsamiq to support that in the grid. Like typing “[ ]” gives a checkbox in a grid, there could be some basic icons like Add, Edit, Delete, etc that could be supported through keyboard. Not a must, but a nice to have.


Hi, Aras. That is indeed something on our list. We’d like to support icons inline in text controls in the future. Thanks for adding your vote for this.


bump I’d like to be able to do this as well.

You could also support adding them by name somehow like [[icon:pencil]]


+1 from me too! Just had the occasion to love this enhancement idea again today. As I’m re-arranging the content in my table, making it wider, rows different heights, I’m having to modify the icon placement too. Would be a nice UX win to have that come along for free. I like the Confluence suggestion - it works well there.


Another +1 for the ability to add icons to a grid cell. It’s SOOOO tedious to make changes by overlaying the icons on top of the grid because they never really line up very well and if you need to change the size of the table, every thing gets messed up.


One more vote for adding icons to grid cells. In particular, I wished I could use the = sign to add a burger menu icon :wink:


Add me to the count as well!


Don’t mean to be that jerk, but should there be a way that this thread links to a single entity we can all vote for rather than commenting with “I agree” or is Mike that feature? :slight_smile:

Also +1 for this from me.


We have totally thought about that, @the_junction, but the nice thing about this method is that we are adding your votes directly to the internal dev tracker tool that the teams pull from when implementing features.

But changing that is something we can talk about more once the next generation of the apps is finished.

In the meantime, adding your vote to this! :slight_smile:


Right on, Brendan. Shine on you crazy diamonds. I appreciate the response.


It would be very helpful to be able to add Edit and Delete icons to grid rows without overlaying the icons, because the layout will get messed up when the grid columns change.

+1 from me for this feature.


Hi @wanda0123456 and welcome to our forums!

Are you looking for information about the features of our latest major version, Mockups 3 for Desktop?

You should find everything on this page.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help! :slight_smile:


+1 from me too. Would love to be able to textually place an icon in a data grid cell.


+1 from me for this feature.


Another option: Add edit, save and delete symbols/wingdings to the Balsamiq Sans font? I can use the other symbols there inside my data grids, so having these ones available would require no changes to the data grid programming for you guys.


Hi @tanialawrie,

Just want to make sure we get your need correctly for this one: are you looking for a way to insert symbols in your text elements (just like glyphs)?