Adding icons inside a grid


I already use glyphs within text elements and within grids - but there aren’t any industry-standard symbols in Balsamiq Sans to show ‘Edit’, ‘Save’ and ‘Delete’. For instance, the current pencil glyphs don’t look like ‘edit’ icons and scissors (I use to show ‘Delete’) are not the same as a trash can. There is nothing that looks like a save icon, so I use a ‘+’ sign. It kind of works, but users have to guess at their meaning.


Thanks for sharing the details @tanialawrie, that helps a lot. Adding support for icons in the Data Grid control might be the best approach here (since it will give access to the whole Font Awesome icon library) but we’ll definitely keep that idea in mind too.

Thanks again!


+1 from me on this feature


+1 for this feature, I have to lay them out by hand a lot.


+1 from me as well.


+1 from our team as well!


+1 on being able to include icons directly in a data grid (or, in fact, any text fields)

It could be handled by supporting a text macro like the following - {icon:name:size} - which would then be replaced by the appropriate icon.

So, to include an Extra Small (16x16) “save” icon, you’d enter {icon:Floppy Outlined:XS} or to include a Large (48x48) “search” icon you’d enter {icon:Search:L}.

If you wanted to also support showing or not showing a border around an icon, you could extend the macro such that adding “:border” at the end would turn the border on (so {icon:Search:L:border} would, instead of showing a large search icon, it would show an icon consisting of a 48x48 border with a medium sized search icon inside it.



+100 (worth a try) for adding icons to data grids


If the snap alignment worked with the individual rows or columns of the grid it would make the existing solution of grouping images or icons with the data grid elegant.

More control over the height of individual rows would be helpful too.


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