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Adding images to mockup for JIRA


Within Mockups for JIRA Server, is there a way to add an image to the mockup ? Simply copying the image to the clipboard and pasting it doesn’t work and there is no option to import an image so how can it be done ?


Hey @PETERDAVIS, sorry for the confusion with this.

To add an image to Mockups for JIRA server, you first need to attach the image to the issue. After that, you can add an image control to your mockup, and select the image you attached.

We are working on updating the documentation for Mockups for JIRA server, and I’m sorry that we don’t have this part ready yet. If you run into any other questions or issues, please just shoot us an email or post here.

We will make sure you’re working smoothly. :slight_smile:


Thanks - consider this closed.