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Adding New symbols



Great product guys!

I do mock ups for educational projects for Adapt learning Framework.

In addition to the existing symbols I got in my Balsamiq for desktop I found more in

I know how to import them into a new project by going to project- Import- BMML Sumbol Libraries, right? but I want them to be ALWAYS in Balsamiq, so when I search in balsamiq I find them.

Many thanks!


Hey @Pablo_Sektman

Project Templates are something we are talking about for Mockups, but there isn’t anything in the pipeline yet. I’m sorry about that.

What you can do is create a blank project with the imported symbols you want, and save it as Name_Template. Then, you can make a copy of that project file whenever you want to start a new project with those symbols.

It’s not a perfect workaround, but it will definitely achieve what you are looking for!

I’m going to add your comments to the discussion we are having about templates. As always, if anyone else would like to see project templates, leave a comment or a like on this post, and I’ll make sure your vote is also added :smiley:.

Thanks for posting today, Pablo. Please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see!


Thank you Brendan.

I creat mock ups for educational projects using Adapt Learning Framework. I replicated the Adapt Learning Components in Balsamiq, and I would to contribute.

Where can I post my templates?



Oh that would be awesome Pablo!

Shoot us an email ( with the project files and we will get them added to Mockups To Go.

Thanks so much for your generosity!