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Adding Standard Components to the Balsamiq Add-On for Confluence


We are using Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence (2.2.31) on Confluence 5.8.13. One of our UX Designers has developed standard components for us to use in our Mockups. How can we load these components into the Balsamiq Add-On? Is this even possible?


Hey @kkmustain,

This is totally possible! Here is the walkthrough from our documentation.

This process is going to get a lot easier as we update our Atlassian server plugins. I don’t have a specific timetable, but the JIRA server update is in private beta right now, and the Confluence server beta should be coming up shortly. Keep an eye on our blog for more information.

Sorry for any confusion we have caused you and your team, Karen. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you get set up! :slight_smile: