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Adobe Air Version Check on Install?


Just got my colleague started with the beta and some stuff was not working, like deselecting / copying. I was surprosied as it worked perfectly on my windows, but not on his mac. Turn out the Adobe Air version was out of date, but Balsamiq did not complain. Maybe it should check for that and suggest to install a newer version.

Cheers Roland


That’s also a good idea, but much harder to implement. We’re working on some features in this area to alert you when an update is available. We’ll see where this goes.

Just so we know, could you send (if you have it) the version of Adobe Air that your colleague had that was causing problems? Thanks!


Sorry, of course forgot to note the version number before updating.


I have been using Balsamiq Mockup on my Mac OS X laptop for 3 months and just noticed I had Adobe Air 3.0. So, i just upgraded to Adobe Air 16.0!!

My question is does Balsamiq Mockup run on Adobe Air or Flash Player?


If you are using Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop, it is running Adobe Air. If you are using a version in the browser, then it’s going to use Adobe Flash.


I am running Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop, but when I select “About Balsamiq Mockups”, it mentions “Flash Player” in the About box.


Haha, good point. I’ll write that up. On the desktop, that should be the Air version. Thanks!


Thanks. BTW, I am running the Mac OS X version of Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop.


FYI, I am using Balsamiq_Mockups_3.999.246 and the About box still says “Flash Player Version” instead of “Adobe Air Version”.


Yeah, it still says this in the officially release 3.0.3 as well. It’s on our list to look at. Thanks!