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Adobe Flash Player


I am trying to open a new projecct but whenever i try to add a new mock up , it refused and message came to install a flash player 11.2 . I installed flash player but it is not working while flash player is working on other programs such as youtube but not working on balsamiq. Please help to resolve this issue.


So sorry for the hassle with this, @Bilal.

Depending on the browser you are using, Flash player may require different actions.

Which on are you using in this case?

Some like Firefox or Safari require you to download Flash Player but, on the other hand, Chrome has the latest Flash version installed already.

If you recently updated it, it may be that Chrome has disabled flash. If you type chrome://plugins in your address bar, you can check to see if the enabled box is checked next to Adobe Flash Player. If it isn’t, go ahead and check it.

In case the issue persists, please reach out via and we’ll dig deeper! We could even schedule a video call if needed.