After Balsamiq, when trying to get wireframe to prototype


Hey there, Balsamiq is indeed the perfect tool to “get it out my head quickly” (just bought my balsamiq cloud licence!!) Now i need recommendation for “build it visually for a proper developers handoff”

What would you recommend ?

there is :

adobe xd
sketch + invision
now invision studio

marvell app

im lost !! I want something simple as balsamiq but that let me play with “real” design components so devs dont have to translate from my balsamiq mockups


Hi @lucasverra,

Thanks for the post. We have a help document which may give you some ideas: How Does Balsamiq Compare to Other UI/UX Tools?

Hopefully some other people can help out with suggestions of tools they like.

All the best!


Hi, @lucasverra. Without knowing about your project or team, I think the answer depends on what your intention is in terms of a “handoff.”

Questions come to mind first.

  • Do you have a final sign off on all of the functionality of the wireframes and need to work on executing those ideas in visual design first?
  • Does visual design need to be reviewed before development or can you work on that in parallel while visual design is being decided?
  • Are you just jumping from wireframes to code on an MVP product where you’re just going to translate the functionalities from the wireframes?

Since you’re asking the question I’m guessing your need may come from making sure you can communicate exactly what you and your stakeholders want to see in the end product. From what I know of these tools, all of the options you’ve listed are good if you think that you need to continue to iterate on the visual design at high fidelity, getting the details of the interaction decided before going to code.

I’m not sure of which will provide you with the output and outcome that you expect. Some tools like Framer claim to produce production-ready assets, but I’m not sure who uses those in their product.

I can speak from our experience here. We use Sketch or Illustrator when we are done enough with wireframes and discussion and need design comps and production graphics for the real thing. Those graphics are put right to use by developers in the product (as actual assets or code).