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After changing font size for text, nudge doesn't work


If I change the font size in the property editor, once that selection has been made I can’t nudge the element using the arrow keys.

The font size dropdown has closed and the element is still selected, but it can’t be nudged.

This seems to be across all elements that have a font size control.

For me this is annoying because once I’ve resized text I often need to nudge the element to sit better in its container.


Hi @Infotools_UX,

Sorry for the hassle with this.

I totally get your point here and I added your comment as a request in our internal tracker so we can review and consider it for the future.

If others would like to see this, please let us know by adding your Like/Heart vote above.

Thanks for the feedback @Infotools_UX, keep it coming! :smile: