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After Cloning a Symbol the Clone should be selected by default


Issue present in Balsamiq Mockups 3, when cloning:

  • When cloning a mockup: the new copy of the mockup will be selected by default
  • On the contrary, when cloning a Symbol: the original version of the Symbol will be selected by default.

It would be nice Symbols to work as Mockups for cloning.

As normally when I create a clone I want to work on it (but also as I am used the way Cloning works for Mockups),
It happened me several times to edit the original symbol without noticing it and then to have to re-work both the original symbol and the clone.


Good one @aledis, we’ll get it fixed soon!


Hi! Thank you very much for your very rapid answer!

A little question, in addition:

  • when cloning a mockup: the new copy will be placed immediately after the original version (in the panel showing all mockups)
  • when cloning a symbol: the new copy is placed in a not clear order in comparison to the original version: sometimes some positions before, sometimes some positions after.
    Also, sometimes deleting symbols they got reordered.

By the way it would be really nice to have the possibility to reorder symbols as it is possible for mockups.

Thank you very much again! Best Regards


Hi @aledis,

We sort now the symbol libraries in alphabetically. The order gets updated when you add new elements or rename an exiting library or symbol.

You can read the complete release notes of version 3.1.2 here:

You can get the latest release here:


Hi @aledis

Thanks again for the bug reports. In 3.1.5 we select the new cloned symbol library. It should also be always afterwards.

You can get the new version (3.1.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here: