After dragging an element, it's not where it looks like it is

Hard to describe, view video below, I don’t really know how to reproduce exactly either. This happened in B2 too.
When I go to click on an element it’s not there, it just looks like it’s there, but I actually have to click where it was before I dragged it to where it is now.

I’ve noticed that it happens sometimes after I press [ / ], type “butt” hit [ enter ], hit [ enter ] again to edit, type “Save as” hit [ enter ] then go to drag it. If you do that fast enough it’s almost like it doesn’t register that it’s done editing before you move.

This happens with other elements, not only buttons.

I can’t tell if it’s the same as this bug Hitting undo after resizing UI elements does not return elements to exact previous state

Very interesting, and very strange…we’ll try to reproduce it and fix it, thanks!

If this helps:
OS X Yosemite version 10.10.3
B3 Version: 3.1.1 - 4/28/2015
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 11,9,900,169

It happens to me almost every day, I’ll pay more attention and see if I can reproduce it.