Alerts when saving is disabled



I just managed to lose a couple hours of work because I didn’t realise my project wasn’t saving due to me using an expired trial version of the software :pensive:

Yes somehow I managed to completely disregard the red banner along the bottom of the screen informing me that my changes would not be saved.

Either way it would have been nice to have an alert remind me of this whenever I pressed Ctrl+S, or especially when I closed the application. It’s hard to imagine why the application would close immediately without any mention that I will lose my unsaved progress!

Anyway I just wanted you all to share in my sadness.


Hi @AndrewS,

So sorry for the trouble with this.

We recently improved this and this dialog should appear if you try to close the Project:

On the other hand, quitting the app doesn’t show this one so I reported it to the dev team and we’ll think about a better way to handle this scenario in the future.

Sorry again for the data loss. Please send us an email to if you need more time to trial our little tool, we’ll figure out a way to do this.


Thanks for the response.

Yes it would have been ideal had that dialog been displayed when I attempted to close the app.

Thanks for the offer to extend my trial but we already have a license, I just didn’t realise I was still running an unregistered version of the software.


Hey @AndrewS,

Just wanted to say that although I know your experience was bad, it shouldn’t happen to anyone else now. We have introduced a “read only” mode in our latest version for when your trial has expired, preventing any data loss.

I’m sorry again for the trouble you had, but thank you for telling us about it. It has made Mockups better! :slightly_smiling: