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Aligning Objects

Hello -
I the case of aligning objects, how do I “tell” Balsamiq which object I want to align to?

For example:
I have a header with a button beneath it. I want to align the button to the rightmost edge of the header - not the other way around. I have tried selecting each object in a different order thinkning that the first one selected might be the underlying object, but no luck. (and vice versa).

Hi @Doug,
Aligning is quite simple:

  • Align left – aligns to the leftmost object
  • Align right – aligns to to rightmost object
  • Align top – aligns to the upper object
  • Align bottom – aligns to the lowest object
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Ah, ok, thank you. Is there any method of specifying which object to align to?

Doug, you cannot specify the anchor object.
The simple trick is to move the object to the right first, compared to the anchor one, then select both the objects and apply Align Left. And vise versa for the aligning to the right.
Using hotkeys will minimize the pain of the extra-action )

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