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All Balsamiq 3 PDF links not highlighted or colorized


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Hi !

Even with “show link hints” options, some (a few) of my links are not highlighted in pink in my PDF file, I don’t understand why…
Somebody has already faced this situation ?

Thanks !



Hey Max,

I’m sorry to hear about that!

Would it be possible to send your project file to so that we can take a look? We wouldn’t share your file with anyone outside the team, and would only keep it long enough to diagnose the issue.

Thanks! :smiley:


I send it right now ! :smile:


I am almost ready to send but my original bmpr file is very heavy (27 Mo). So, in order to send it to you, I deleted many mockups and assets to make it lighter to send it, has still the same size… :disappointed:


Send it to

That will allow a 50mb file :smile:


ok, but you will have also to explain me why it is still so big even if I deleted 9/10 of my mockups (and how to make it back to a reasonable size) :wink:



I wonder if there are a lot of assets in your project. You can goto View–>Assets to check.

Mockups don’t take up much space, it’s the assets that can cause files to get really large. :smiley:


I deleted many assets too… it’s weird !!!


The big ticket item seems to the image in the 3rd mockup. When I deleted that, the mockup went down to 56kb.

Also, regarding the links, this is definitely a bug. It seems the paragraph control is only showing linking hints for the last link in the control.

Thanks for bringing this to us, Max. We will get it fixed! Let us know if you see anything else weird :smile:


When you say it will be fixed, you mean in the next version ?