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"All pages scroll to bottom"shortcut on Mac


Using Balsamiq 3 on OS X Yosemite, I’ve noticed repeatedly that hitting a particular shortcut scrolls every page in my current file to the bottom.

This is frustrating when working on a large set of wires as I have to go to every page and scroll them up to the top.

I can’t pin down the exact combination, but I’m always fat-fingering it while moving through a document using Control-Page Up / Down (not the sidebar). Command+Page Down, Command+End, something.

I don’t see anything in the shortcuts list for this behavior.

Oversight? Easter Egg? Bug?

Can anyone verify the exact command?



We banged our heads against this and weren’t able to replicate it, @Jason_Muxlow. Please let me know if you figure out the shortcut that triggers this…feature.

That way, we can de-feature it. :slight_smile: