Allow multiple rows to a data grid header

As an epidemiologist, I’m trying to create a data grid with big titles for headers. I tried to use \r and \r\n and both did not work as needed.

Here’s what I had in the backend:

Action AID Patient Alert Date Not Inpatient Correct Patient?,Were you aware\rof this MDRO, Previously positive\rat this facility , Communicated by\rother facility, Already on\rcontact precautions

I tried different ways of adding commas, removing commas but all did not work. Any help is really appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @Mufida123 and sorry for the hassle.

Would you mind sharing the related BMPR file via
It looks like some Data Grid formatting might be causing this but it’s hard to tell without the full content.

We’ll do our best to help.

Hi @Mufida123

We responded to your email directly but, for anybody else reading, the issue here was that the Data Grid contained multiple rows, each with 10 columns (hence 9 commas per row). Except one row only contained 5 columns. So we added ,,,,, to the end of the text for the row, bringing that row to 10 columns and the layout, widths, etc. appeared as required.

Thank you for the responses. I just realized that the data grid works fine when it is used on its own. But as I was using it within the window-container, the { } feature was not working as intended! I uploaded the file.
Is there a way I can get around this issue?
Thank you for your help.
New Project 30.bmpr (92 KB)

Hi @Mufida123 and thanks for sharing the file.

There were several empty lines after the {} line but removing those will solve the issue. :slight_smile:

Any questions, we’re here!