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Alt duplicate not working in drive



I just switched from Mockups Desktop to Drive. All good, but my alt button doesn’t seem to duplicate the selected control anymore. A quick search didn’t help me a lot.

It does not feel like a bug. Is there a chrome or flash setting that suppressed the Alt button or something? More importantly, is there a way to get my Alt-Click-to-duplicatie back for Mockups for drive?


Hi again, @WeeDz!

This is a weird one. I was able to make Alt+Click work sporadically (but not reliably,) so something odd is happening. I’m not yet sure if it’s a bug on our end (which we will get fixed) or if it’s something on Flash’s end. Give us a little time to dig around, and I’ll get back to you about what we find.

Thanks for reporting this.


Any news on what this is?
On my Macbook Air it’s not working at all, not even sporadically.

For me this is a serious setback. I think the alt-duplicate is my most used keyboard-mouse shortcut. Because it in pretty much all design applications I use it’s in my system and I can’t/don’t want to let it go.


I just tries to reproduce the bug in Firefox. I doesn’t seems to be occurring there. So that brims things down right?


Hi again,

We are still investigating on this one but it seems to work fine in Firefox indeed.

We’ll get to this one during our GH tomorrow also. Meanwhile you have a work around for using the feature, which is great news! :wink: