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Alter component defaults


It would be great, if i could change the defaults of any component. E.g. changing default height of Button, it’s text, it’s icon or state, default text for Text …
It could work simply by right click on the placed and altered component and having Save as default [component name] option.
Optionaly there might be also Copy to new component (symbol)


I like this idea @Tomas_Kapler, but I’m having trouble coming up with a use case that wouldn’t be handled by a symbol.

You could create a button with all the custom properties you wanted, and then create a symbol of that button. Then you would have a button control whose default properties are the ones you specified.

Are you thinking of a situation where that wouldn’t work? Let me know!


It might be replaced with the symbol functionality, but that way the symbol functionality should be reworked a bit as it it now very user-unfriendly

  1. it is not possible to convert a component to symbol, you have to convert Group (even with just one component), and even the Group does not have Convert to in right click menu
  2. you cannot put a symbol to UI Library group of choice (or i do not know how) - it must stay in Symbols only. So i cannot have my “button” in Buttons
  3. you cannot work with the symbol as with the component, you have to break it or edit in separate “file” - mockup window with not easy to understand info what has just happend and where the f… is the mockup and that i am just in another view of symbols only (big visible button Back to mockups would do the trick).
  4. there are two similary named but completely different functions Transform to… and Convert to…

    So at least there should be
  5. Easy right click for a component and selection of components with Convert to symbol, that would create a group and then create a smybol of it.
  6. Some (easy to find and easy to do) way to define, in what other menus should symbol be visible - e.g. in symbol properties and also by pull & drop to the menu group (with right click on a symbol to delete it from the menu)

But still it would not be optimal, as i still would see two buttons, one default, that i do not want to use and one mine with desired defaults, but with hard way to work with (e.g. editing the text etc.)
What may solve the second part of the problem would be a nice trick - if i would use the symbol from the other menu where i have placed it, it would not be places as a symbol, but as a broken apart and ungrouped symbol - this way i could immediately edit it when placed.
First part of the problem would solve just some way to hidde components, that i do not like and do not want to use (what would be a good feature anyway - just right click on component to hide (unhide) and then menu checkable option to show/hide hidden components).

But still i think “change defaults” would still be nice and easy to use feature and very helpfull for many. E.g. when you are iphone developer, you want to always have height of buttons etc. of 42 px, and if you are a bootstrap web developer, you want to have default icon size S and label position right … and to owerite it using symbols the way i describe above would be paintfull


Hi @Tomas_Kapler,

Thanks for the additional informations regarding your need on this.

I’ve added your comments and votes for existing feature requests concerning the behavior of symbols, that will help us to prioritize these for the future. We are trying to find the right balance between having enough capabilities for what you all need and trying to keep our little tool as easy-to-use as possible, so your input is definitely very helpful for us to go into the right direction.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts about it! :slightly_smiling:


I have posted a similar request some time ago, I have the exact same need.

Use case is simple: if I prefer to have the arrows / buttons / comments whatever a certain way, I have to modify that component every.single.time.

This is a major time waste when using Balsamiq - which we chose because of otherwise super intuitive operation.

Hope at least this will be implemented in version 4.

If you think users will be confused about option “set default” then at least allow this to be hidden/ shown on demand.