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Alternate options for Big Blue Cursor and Pointer - Full screen presentation mode


While presenting in full screen mode, sometimes using the big blue arrow and cursor can be distracting.
I find they are a little oversize and an option to

  • select size
  • or select alternate icons would be great.

Yes am aware you can turn them off, but that gives you the default pointer which is way too small.
Need a middle ground please.


Hi @Stallion_V,

Thanks for this. Full-screen mode is something we’re currently looking at for possible future improvement so this feedback is appreciated.


Completely agree with Stallion_V. The huge pointer is distracting and unnecessary. Please, please replace it or at least let users opt for a more traditional looking pointer. When you are working with more professional types of users, the huge blue pointer looks odd at best.


Hey @Tom_Noonan.

You should be able to use a standard mouse cursor if you press B while in full screen view. Is that what you’re looking for?

Let me know. If not, I’ll make sure to add your comments to Stallion’s feature request.


Brendan, thanks so much. That DID work. I wish I could have discovered that without contacting Balsamiq - maybe I overlooked it somewhere.

Thanks again.



No worries, Tom. Depending on how Full Screen shows up on your machine, the settings panel may get hidden without you knowing it. I’m sorry about that, my friend.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are here to help!