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Alternates makes Mockups completely unresponsive on MacBook Pro



I imported a group of mockups and started splitting the mockups into Official and Alternate. I got through two mockups, by the third it becomes completely unresponsive. I scroll, but the worksheet does not move. I drag to select, the mouse pointer moves, but no marquee and selection. I hide the Mockups panel, and it leaves a grey space where it was, it does not resize the worksheet. Until I finally have to quite. I then start again, and after about two muckups, same thing. Am I doing something wrong?


That sounds really unusual. Are you on the latest version 3.1.4?

Can you find the version info by selecting the menu, Balsamiq Mockups 3 > About Balsamiq Mockups, and copying what you see in dialog?


Yes,it is the very latest version, I downloaded it yesterday.

I have since also found Balsamiq quit on me once or twice whilst performing tasks such as uoloading images to the Assets folder, or importing a mockup into a project.


Hmm the uploading of an image crash should be gone in 3.1.4. I know there was an issue in 3.1.2.

For the unresponsiveness an you send use the project to We keep it confidential. We would like to try and see if we encounter the issue too.
Do you use a lot images?



Hi Florian, I don’t use a lot of images, and they are not particularly big in size. I would really love to send you the project, but I have some VERY STRICT work guidelines which basically will not allow me to do this at all. I will try to create a private project soon, when I have a gap, and if it happens with that project as well I will send it to you. In the meantime, if you can look into it?