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Alternative version naming logic?


What’s the idea on naming alternative versions in style of “734u” or “858b”?

I understand this doesn’t “prioritize” versions in any way, but it gets really annoying when you have 3 or so afternatives. Since the list is sorted alphabetically, creating a new alternative bumps the created version into a random location of the list, making me lose track of which version I was editing before creating that new alternative version.

I often use alternative version feature for history purposes, creating a new alternative every 15 minutes, so that I can look back in the design and compare ideas. For that purpose it would be really nice to be able to see the alternatives in chronological order, rather than alphabetical.

Yes, I know you can rename your alternative versions, but I’ve never used it. It seems too much of a trouble, as you’ll probably ditch 90% of the versions anyway.

So, suggestions :smile:
A) Change alternative version naming into auto-incremental numbers (possibly user set option?)
B) Don’t order alternative version list. Just push the newest under Official version.


Chronological ordering would be nice. Or Mockups could guess and “learn” how you would like to name the alternates.


  1. Version 2we named it
  2. Version 3new mockup: auto named
  3. Version 2.1we rename the previous mockup
  4. Version 2.2new mockup: auto named, Mockups has learned
  1. Version 2 (11 Jul 2015)we named it
  2. Version 3 (12 Jul 215)new mockup: auto named


  • Easy to learn.
  • No settings to fiddle with.
  • Different mockups in the same project can have different naming and numbering systems.


  • It’s a hidden feature which would need to be highlighted.
  • Language dependent, Balsamiq would need to add listing schemes.


Hi @markusku and @neeklamy,

Thanks for your input and suggestions, that is very much appreciated.
As you mentioned, renaming the alternates is one way to deal with it but I understand that an automatic chronological order might be useful (especially for review purposes).

We are aware of the inconvenience about the order, this is actually an ongoing topic for our developers and might be subject to change at some point.

For now, the renaming option is an immediate workaround solution. Also, when you rename an alternate version, you will have the ability to connect your alternate to an alternate from another mockup by giving them the same name like below. This could be useful.

Hope this helps :smile:


I just wanted you to know that I’m still annoyed by this feature - every single day. :smiley:

Could you at least add a time stamp to the alternative versions, so I could see which one is the latest?

It’s very common that I create five or so alternatives, getting back to them in a couple of days. Currently it’s rather hard to see which one was the “latest”. Since they’re pretty much disposable views, I never bother spending the time to rename them.


Sorry for the lack of updates on this one, @markusku. We’ve been working hard on the new major version of our tool for a while but I’m adding your comments to the related discussion.

Thanks for sharing your needs again today.