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Android Material Design Controls


The built-in controls in Mockups is feeling dated. I would like Balsamiq to put some effort into controls that have the feel of the current version of Android. This would include Material Design. Some of the animation affects are difficult to replicate manually.

For example, the sliding header, menus that slide in from the sides, floating action button, etc.


Hi, Michael. I responded to another post that my have been from you about Material Design. Is what your after some visual indication of that z-index and shadow to imply


I agree with the OP - it’s hard to present wireframes with Android 4 controls to a client while telling them we’re on the cutting edge of the industry. Ideally, a new package would come out for each new release of Android and iOS, but I think we’re at least two versions back on both at this point. Is there anywhere we can get updated elements?


Sorry about the lack of updates for the Android controls symbols library. The Material Design symbol library is a bit more up to date than the Android controls. I started a project to redesign our mobile controls in the UI Library to update iOS and add Android. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some feedback from you if you’re interested in helping us make sure we do the right things for Android work.