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Annoyingly slow


So sorry to hear that, @Michi.

Does it occur with one project in particular?

If so, could you please send the related BMPR file via so we can have a closer look? We will keep your data strictly confidential.

We’ll do our best to help!


No. Balsamiq is extremely slow from the ground up. No matter what project I’m working on.

I can even create a new empty one and everything moves in slow motion.


Yikes, that’s no good, Michael.

If you go into the app’s local store direction and delete the MockupsSettings.db file, does the app run better?

If not, shoot us an email and we will see if we can figure out what’s going on.


nope, nothing happens … you’ve got mail :slight_smile:


Very lagging work on latest iMac 4k (core i5, 8, SSD, Radeon Pro 555 4Gb - prof. dedic videocard )
Project not large - 3-4 screen (10-20 mb)
BM ver. 3.5.17

Lagging when scale, when drag, scroll, move elements …
But the same projects works very fast on old AMD, 8Gb, SSD, video nvidia 730Gt (40 usd) - windows computer (6 years old). All actions: drag, scroll, move, scale… are fastest, not lags at all.


Hi @Seomtik,

So sorry you’re having a frustrating time with Mockups on your Mac. It might help us to take a look at the project to see what’s going on - can you mail it to Of course, we’ll only keep it as long as necessary for the examination. I’ll stand by.